Motorola DCT-2000 cable box control via serial port


Got a Motorola DCT-2000 series cable box and a computer controlled DVR? IR based injectors are annoying an unreliable. Unless your cable provider has disabled the serial port on your cable box you can issue any remote control key via the RS232 serial port from your computer.

The RS232 serial port on the back of the cable box can be used to issue the same commands as the remote control that came with the cable box or a universal remote. While the serial port can probably do other undocumented features, this program here will ONLY perform the same functions as the provided or universal remote can do.


This program is derived on the works by Jim Paris and Don Starr. Many thanks to them for determining the protocol and original version of this program. Their original is here if you would like that instead.


Download the latest version for linux systems. Last updated January 2010

Change channel:

./channel [-v] [-d <device>] -c <channel>

Send one or more remote control keys:

./channel [-v] [-d <device>] -k <keys>
  <keys> is one or more of:
    0 for 0
    1 for 1
    2 for 2
    3 for 3
    4 for 4
    5 for 5
    6 for 6
    7 for 7
    8 for 8
    9 for 9
    = for POWER
    > for CHUP
    < for CHDOWN
    - for VOLUP
    + for VOLDOWN
    u for MUTE
    e for MUSIC
    o for OK
    x for EXIT
    l for LAST
    ^ for SWITCH_AB
    f for FAVORITE
    m for MENU
    b for BROWSE
    c for CANCEL
    g for GUIDE
    h for HELP
    i for INFO
    w for UP
    s for DOWN
    a for LEFT
    d for RIGHT